Top Fuel Efficient Cars in Pakistan with Best Fuel Consumption Average Mileage

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    If you are a permanent car users then you want to know about the best and yet the top fuel efficient cars in Pakistan? Well it is the wish of every single person that his or her dream car must have the quality of the less fuel consumption and this is the main fact that they are all the time searching for the cars that gab up with the less consumption of the fuel. But now you don’t need to search around here and there because by the way of this post we will be discussing with some famous and yet the top fuel efficient cars in Pakistan.

    List of Top Fuel Efficient Cars In Pakistan With Best Fuel Consumption:

    • Chevrolet Spark EV: In the first we have the name of the Chevrolet Spark EV which has a mesmerizing fuel efficiency of 48 Km/L. This car has been all added with the means of the 1 speed automatic transmission system and a horsepower of 130 as in the coverage of all modern day features like 360 airbags, 4 wheel anti-lock brakes in addition to cruise control.


    • Toyota Prius: This car has been mentioned as being the best cars in Pakistan as it comes to the best fuel consumption. This car is added with the key main factors of the fuel efficiency plus the outstanding design. In addition to it thhis car runs on 134 horsepower and travels up to 26 Km/L.
    • Honda Civic Hybrid: Honda Civic is another mentioned as being the most wanted cars in Pakistan. The company has made this car to be the dream car just by adding it with the new hybrid technology and latest features. It has the quality as it travels up to 18 Km/L.
    • Honda City Hybrid: This car has been installed with the hybrid technology. Its market affordable price range has been set as Rs. 15 to 17 lakh. The best feature of this car is that its fuel efficiency is set as up to 16 Km/L.
    • Porsche Cayenne Hybrid: In the end we have the name of Porsche Cayenne hybrid which can travel up to 14 Km/L. The car runs on top of a horsepower of 333 that is all delivered by its powerful V6 engine. It is not just appropriate car for people but is even accessible inside the market at just the affordable expenditure.

    Well these have been best 5 and Top Fuel Efficient Cars In Pakistan! Which one is your favorite? Grab it now!

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