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    Now in Pakistan competition in banking sector is groom with passage of year, this is the reason that now every bank tries to take care of customer greater than one from other. Here a list is given with feature about the best bank for foreign currency current account in Pakistan; these are also offer Dollar account with number of benefits on international transactions. Basically this type of account is best for all those who want transactions in foreign countries, because in Pakistani currency it’s a quite high amount so they take care of all things at same time. With this peoples are also conscious about safety of money when they send money. Here we try to some best banks with their features and benefits that they gives at opening of accounts.


    • Askari Bank
    • Allied Bank

    These bank are also best for foreign currency account in Pakistan whose key features are updated soon.. Mean while detail of some other best banks are given AS:

    Bank Alfalah:

    • A best feature of this account is that it is open with all the all currencies that are used in major countries with limit of 100.
    • After this minimum limit there is not any problem or maximum or minimum balance amount.
    • Another benefit is that one can easily withdrawal every desired amount, means there is not any limit when one is going to take money.

    Saadiq Foreign Account in Standard Chartered Bank:

    • A major benefit of this bank is its best services of Online Banking. One can easily transfer or receive amount from same or different bank easily online at home.
    • This bank also updates the user with every transaction.
    • In this bank again there is not any minimum or maximum limit to deposit or withdrawal.

    Meezan Bank:

    • An option of opening account in every major currency with minimum limit.
    • They offer free insurance with giving facilities of online banking.
    • On transaction or withdrawal of money there is not any sort of deduction.

    Habib Bank:

    • This bank also gives option to open account in multiple currencies.
    • Secondly this bank gives maximum profit on depositing money. But for this one thousand 1000 limit is necessary to full fill to customer.
    • While this bank also give loan in which they also gives a best way to return this money as well as best option of returning interest is also available.


    Another best Bank for Foreign Currency Current Account in Pakistan is Muslim Commercial Bank who also gives option to open account in every major currency.

    • They also give best profit on deposit a handsome amount for a specific period of time.

    They also offer online banking along with ATM service through which one can easily withdraw or transfer required amount.

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