KFC Midnight Deals 2023 Karachi Rawalpindi

To taste the meal of KFC at lower rates, KFC Midnight deals 2023 in Karachi and Rawalpindi are best to follow. For a long time, this international fast-food company has served in Pakistan. Through this offer, one will buy the same quality food at a convenient price. To avail of this option, the only considerable thing is the timing. Because, as it’s clear from the name of this deal that this is valid only at midnight. Furthermore, these deals are not only limited to some specific branches. One will visit any KFC location to take benefit from this opportunity. As Karachi is famous as the city of light, so who cares the night.

KFC Midnight Deals 2023 Karachi:

After demand, KFC Midnight deals Karachi 2023 is again active. The previous history of these deals shows that these did not remain the same for entire year. In a different time, a number of food items were adding or subtracting from the menu.

Deal 1:

Items Price
 One Zinger Burger with One Drink 450 Rupees
  • Deal 2:
Items Price
2 Krunch Burgers with Two Drinks 550 Rupees

KFC Midnight Deals 2023 Rawalpindi:

After the expiring of last year’s deal, the new KFC Midnight deals 2023 Rawalpindi has yet to be in pipeline.

  • Deal:
Items Price
Mighty Burger plus Drink 640 Rupees

Note: Their deals are not separate for every city. So, one will avail it from any city.

KFC Midnight Deals Timing:

  • In Rawalpindi and Karachi, KFC Midnight deals 2023 are active after 12:00 am. So try to reach the outlet right at that time.

After the introduction of KFC Midnight deals, now all those who cannot afford this meal can also eat it at a low price. Another best thing about this restaurant chain is that they do not comprise the food quality duration the duration of the deal.

the new one

Here we up to date the KFC Midnight deals Karachi Rawalpindi 2023 on a weekly bases. So, there will be a chance that some new things will add or some stuff wills takeoff. While sometimes, the price of these deals will vary at the motorway outlets. So not to worry; if one will face this type of issue.

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