Government Prepare CBB Cyber Crime Bill 2014 Details

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    Telecommunication and IT in Pakistan playing an important role in the development of Pakistan from last few decades. Mobile, internet and telephone are main tools of the telecommunication. So for this reason Pakistan federal govt made a special ministry for telecommunication sector named as ministry of information and technology. In 2008 according to an international report Pakistan was the world’s third country which was fastly growing in the field of information and technology. At this time Pakistan improving dramatically in the field of information and technology with the help of local and foreign investors. Some European and Islamic countries also gave help in the field of information and technology.

    cbb crime bill

    Here some important points of the bill are:

    1)    Definition of crime

    2)    What is the purpose to make this cyber crime bill

    3)    Illegal access to information systems

    4)      Illegal access to program or data

    5)    Illegal interference with program or data

    6)    Illegal interference with information systems

    7)    Cyber terrorism

    8)    Electronic forgery

    9)    Electronic fraud

    10)  Identity crime

    11)  Unauthorized interception

    As we all know that at this time Pakistan is facing a big problem in law and order situation. Daily we are seeing that people are dyeing because of suicide bomb blasts and other attacks from militants. So keep this thing in mind ministry of information and technology is going to introduce cyber crime bill 2014. This announcement was declared by state minister of the ministry of information and technology Ms Anusha Rehman Ahmed khan and other ministry official on last week in a meeting held at ministry office. She said that the Pakistan govt is going to make a cyber crime bill 2014.

    She also said that the draft of cyber crime has been prepared now and it will place in front of cabinet meeting in next week. She also added that we consulted this bill for all the Pakistan stakeholders and they finalized it. She also directed the information department that the details of this cyber crime should be uploaded on the official website of ministry of information and technology. She also added that this cyber crime bill is a great achievement of the ministry of information and technology who worked hard by making it.

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