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    Everyone wishes to spend their vacations in abroad to change their environment and to see the cultures, traditions, historical places and the beauty of the other countries. So for this reason Dubai is the best option for them. Many people visit this country for traveling purpose, some for business, most of people for jobs and some for visiting. Now-a-days this is known for its business hub and global city. In the past few years, Dubai has gained its attention due to sports events and due to its large innovative construction projects. Furthermore, the places in this country are charming and worth seeing. This country is thought as the safest place for tourist because hotel room crime and street crimes are almost non-existent. As this is also famous for its generosity and hospitality reason people prefers to visit. But the problem is how to apply for it. In this article some useful information discusses that may help people to get visa for Dubai.

    There are total three types of visas that are now issue from Pakistan Embassy

    • For 1 month
    • For 3 months
    • For 6 months


    Visa Form:

    Visa forms are available in the website “” and can be downloaded from here and it is recommended to register on this website at least two weeks before of departure.

    Or Visit to get as well it is also given below..


    Things to be Remembered for Pakistani Nationals:

    • It is compulsory to have verbal note from Foreign Affairs Ministry
    • Older verbal note will not be acceptable
    • Entry purpose should be clearly mentioned
    • Incomplete forms are not acceptable
    • Once paid, visa fee will not be refundable until it is discarded by authorities of UAE

    Required Documents:

    • Original passport that must be valid for at least 6 months
    • 2 passport size photographs having white background
    • CNIC copy or one can say it B Form Copy

    Charges (Fee) Price:

    • For 30 days= 20,000
    • For 90 days= 40,000
    • For 6 Months= 80,000

    Visit visa is valid for 60 days from the issued date and it is good for 90-day stay duration. In addition sponsorship is needed from a good source like from a company, hotel or from a UAE resident. In short this is best place for visit to spend some vacation or one is aimed to do a business.

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