Crisis In Pakistan

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    Every single person is fully aware from the entire main crisis in Pakistan? Every single day is new day for Pakistan when this country has to undergo with some new and fresh crisis situations. How do we feel when we switch on the television early in the morning and we listened the same problems of Pakistan? It sometimes feels much disappointed when we see other countries that are making much success in the world map and Pakistan is still far behind. In all the prominent crisis of Pakistan the most eminent has been the Energy Crisis. This has been one of the monsters that have been staying in Pakistan for over the decades. And if sudden measures and plans are not been undertaken than this monster will make his rest house in Pakistan forever.

    There are no such houses in Pakistan that don’t even spend the night by staying awake because there is no light. If we witness the present conditions of Pakistan than Pakistan has been gaining 48% electricity from gas, 33% from Hydel and 17% from the oil but still the country is dying to see the electricity for even single hour.

    Crisis In Pakistan

    One of the most major reasons for the arrival of such bad energy crisis has been the shortage of natural resources. By even knowing the fact that the Pakistan has been one of such countries that is overflowing with precious resources still we are not making any plans for the survival of energy. There are numerous natural resources that can help hugely for production of electricity at an increased height.

    • Nevertheless, the management of electricity is also fully responsible for not properly carrying out the plans for the electricity storage. They are just interested in selling the electricity to other countries and filling their own personal bank accounts.

    This downfall of electricity is badly affecting every single sector that is contributing towards the prosperity of Pakistan and hence Pakistan is facing the hindrances in the road of success.

    If the electricity issue is not solved earlier than it can seriously destroyed the whole country. Well there are many such crises that are hugely interested in attacking the Pakistan everyday. On the whole we normally figure out the small conclusion that it is the utmost responsibility of the Government and electricity controlling sections that must take some precautionary measures otherwise there would be a day when Pakistan would be identified as the country of darkness.

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