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    Now, a number of banks are following the Islamic roles and regulation for their banking services. The list of Islamic banks in Pakistan 2024 is here for all those who like their system. Islamic Banks are the ultimate source of transactions according to Islamic rules and Regulations currently prevailing in this Islamic culture especially in Pakistan. The modern Banking system was introduced into the Muslim countries at a time when they were not in a condition to accept such up gradation. The Main banks of that era were under the jurisdiction of the main power source in that area.

    Actually, banks market their product just on the basis of Profit Margin ratios over there currently exist in this Market. Such commercial banks having many facilities opposite the sayings of Islam.

    List of Islamic Banks in Pakistan 2024:

    • The name that is the part of the List of Islamic banks in Pakistan 2024 is presented below. They all have great services and has properly criteria of everything.

    Islamic countries, as well as Islamic states, always support Islamic Banking which is based truly upon the Islamic trends and ways of consumption. It is also known as interest free transaction in banks involve the profit ratios only based upon the clear and transparent systems of Islamic Banks in Pakistan.

    Note: Visit any of their branch and they will satisfy you with the homework that bank has done on it.


    1.     Bank Albaraka
    2.     Bank Islami Pakistan Limited
    3.     Burj Bank
    4.     Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited
    5.     Meezan Bank Limited
    6.     Askari Bank Ltd

    Now a number of private banks also provide Islamic services. There, the client has the option to pick their favorite plan. Below one can check this list too.

    1. MCB Islamic Baking
    2. Bank Al Habib Islamic Banking
    3. Allied Islamic Bank
    4. UBL Islamic Banking

    Islamic Banks in Pakistan List

    What do you think about Islamic Banking and the way of their action so far? Every person has their own belief, but as a Muslim nation, we must try to follow those platforms who prefer Islamic roles. Furthermore, it’s your choice that you choose anyone from this list of Islamic banks in Pakistan 2024. Undoubtedly, in the last few years, many new names have added to this industry and they are doing the best jobs in this field.

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    1. SHAH BAKHT says:

      Man UBL is not in the list of Islamic banking, as UBL run their Islamic windows just like others, Standard Charted, Bank of Khyber, Askari etc. Islamic banks are those which are full fledge providing Islamic products to its customers. So their are only 05 Islamic Banks presently working in Pakistan.

      1- Meezan Bank (Pioneer Islamic Bank)
      2- Burj Bank
      3- Dubai Islamic Bank
      4- Al-Barka
      5- Bank Islami

      In the end. of course Islamic banking is growing very fast Inshallah soon it will capture the whole banking industry. Riba Free banking is every thing for a Muslim. So being a Muslim we should avoid RIba.. My prayers are with Islamic Banking.


    2. admin says:

      Thanks for correction

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