Newage Cables Price List 2021 in Pakistan Dealers

New age cables are manufacturing different type of house wires for several years and this is approved brand. And in current time, it consider a number one company in Pakistan who are making the different types of wires in Pakistan. Before this, many of the companies were producing the wires for different purposes but after this launching, they completely change the market and now people trusted on them. Furthermore, after complete the range of the housing wires now they are manufacturing commercial wires like high-power electricity and some others. Moreover, before buy wires, people can gather all stats regarding the new age cables price list 2021 in Pakistan dealers.

Newage Cables Price List 2021 in Pakistan:

  • So if you are going to purchase wires then you first gather the all Newage cables price list 2021 in Pakistan from this page and then buy from dealers and compare the prices all prices. Further cables are available in different variants and powers

. BS-6004 Wiring Cables

SIZE 450/750V CU/PVC/INS 350/500V CU Sheathed Flat 300/500V CU Sheathed Round
Registered Un-Registered Registered Un-Registered Registered Un-Registered
1MM 2867 2940 7034 7214 12183 12496
1.5MM 4295 4405 12347 12664 17363 17808
1.5MM (STD) 4556 4673 13088 13424 18274 18743
2.5MM 6910 7087 17557 18007 25082 25725
2.5MM(STD) 7550 7743 18273 18742 26208 26880
4MM 10490 10758 26516 27196 38493 39480
6MM 15390 15785 37163 38116 60914 62476
10MM 26720 27406 58866 60376 86917 89146
16MM 39380 40390 89834 92137

Telephone Wires





                                   250/440 V CU/PVC/INS
Registered Un-Registered
Telephone 1 Pair 2457 2520
2 Pair 4552 4669
3 Pair 6790 6964
4 Pair 8649 8871
5 Pair 10670 10944
6 Pair 12744 13071
7 Pair 14546 14919
8 Pair 16830 17262
9 Pair 19102 19592
10 Pair 20377 20899
15 Pair 31758 32572

Few prices of the cables are mention for the facilitation of the people. We can use this cable for a long time because mostly they prepare the wire with copper and wires cannot heat up easily. When people buy locally made wires then after few days they fire due to voltage current but after buying these wires you can easily use them on low and high voltage current.

for the need of charges

Newage Cable Dealers In Lahore:

Number of outlets or Newage Cable Dealers In Lahore are much in number. So now people are easily approach them who are working and selling the cables. All details about the dealers who are in Lahore base are:

newage cables outlets in lahore

All the shop’s names and contact of the owners are mentions and people can get further all the knowledge about them.

Newage Cables Dealers in Islamabad:

In the Islamabad region, people are constructing and want to get the new age cable. Till now the company has opened just three outlets. So the contact number and shops names exist in the table.

newage cables outlets in islamabad

For all the dealers who are working in Islamabad on the broad level now the contact number and complete address are not available.

New Age organization has won people’s trust and providing the quality of the cables to the customers. They are using 99% copper in wires. Sometimes the voltage of the electricity increase then local cable blast and if you using the new age cable then they pass the current norm. Read the whole content and gather the newage cables price list 2021 in Pakistan dealers information.

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