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Call Block Service Ufone Warid Code Activation Method

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    If you want to know about the call block service details then we will let you know through this post. We have seen that most of the married people, girls get annoyed and irritated whenever they get prank calls, wrong calls and annoying kind of messages. Now, they can get rid from these unwanted messages and calls, they only have to follow a simple method. Here you will know about the ufone warid code activation method so read the below details: This entire process must help one to notice all about this special kind of offer, through which one can stop all those number that disturb you. This is most awaited service that was introduced after long time, all customer need it anxiously.

    Call Block Service Method On Ufone:

    Now you can control all the calls and SMS with the help of this Ublock. You only have to SMS that unknown number to 420 and then you can block all unwanted SMS and all those Calls at the same time. You have to write message and then type sub, and then send to 420


    Call Block Service Method On Warid:

    If you want to Block SMS and also Calls, then what you need to do is to type blockNumber and then send to 420.If you want to Unblock SMS and or any Call from a number that has been added to your blacklist, then you have to SMS unblockNumber just to 420. Make sure that you do register for number block service. For the registration, you have to dial 9211. You can also do it through SMS, you have to write Sub and then send it to 9211. Just write “block<space><number>” and then send it to 420.

    So, this was about the call block service details. Now, if at any time, you get a wrong number or you get this feeling that someone is teasing you and trying to bother you then you can right away make use of this block number service. With this service, all your mentioned numbers will be blocked for good and no one will be bothering in your work If you want to have the details of other connection then you can also get them from here. Try out this ufone warid code activation method.

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