How to Activate Conference Call on Ufone Prepaid Postpaid Package Procedure Code

A simple procedure with activation code of subscription and how to activate conference call on Ufone prepaid and postpaid package is try to cover at one place. This service is now available for all Ufone users after seeing a trend that more customer attract towards this offer. A company always prefers a service that satisfies their customer. For new users if one sees a brief intro of this service then through this one can multiple Ufone customers are able to call at same time. In short at same time greater than one person is able to communicate with each other. After this a group friends and entire family at different places communicate with each at same time. Here it’s also important to mention that it’s not needed to activate it every time because if one subscribes it single time then every time one is able to makes a group call with same offer. Further details of this offer are as below:

Code for this Service: 6789

Procedure to Subscribe:

One just needs to type SMS SUB to this code, after few minutes confirmation code is in boxed.

Activation Charges:

Only three 3/RS rupees are detected from your account.

Terms and Conditions:


As given that this offer is available for both prepaid and postpaid customer, so process is same for both of users. They need to follow same procedure for activation as well same charges are detected for both of users.

Moving towards the limit of peoples that how many Ufone users are able to communicate at same time through this conference call service. Then answer is really simple because at same tome six 6 Ufone users are set a call together. While it’s also not important that only subscribe are able to communicate because a single subscriber can set a call for more six members so activate this Conference Call on Ufone for all Prepaid and Postpaid users.

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