Homage Generator Price in Pakistan 2024

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    An recent or new list of Homage generator price in Pakistan 2024 is also affected during the hikes of overall rates. In present energy troubles, about every person of this country is looking for it’s alternate. Since many last years, people are facing load shedding. Authorities has not worked more on power plants for producing electricity. In this situation, you can only depend on UPS or Generators in Pakistan. That’s why, their selling ratio has increased a lot in summer. It is not easy to survive without electricity in summer so you must need to get a generator.

    You can get some best some model of Homage generator price in Pakistan 2024 along with the other possible aspects. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of people who are planning to get a Generator this summer because of increasing Load shedding rate in Pakistan.

    As summer has started the load shedding has been increased by the government which is embarrassing for everyone. So have a look below we have given you homage generators with ats and gasoline as well.

    Homage Generator Price in Pakistan 2024:

    Furthermore, we are integrating these Homage generator price in Pakistan 2024 on the bases of different KVA. So, according to electricity usage, one will select any of them.

    We begin with the small unit of 1KVA, whose rate is approx.

    HGR-1.00KV-D 29,000 Rupees

    Homage Generator 2.5 KVA Price in Pakistan:

    An average size choice that is ideal for any home. Even this is effective to run most of the hope appliances. While, its sound is also not much high.

    HGR-2.50 KVA 54,000 Rupees (Approx.)

    A bit better option then this one is the, HGR-2.80KVD model. It a minor costly but has some differences from other.

    • Approx. price: 77,000 Rupees

    Homage Generator 3KVA Price in Pakistan:

    This generator is best to run for those appliances who used low voltage. Their fuel usage and other maintenance issues is also appreciated.

    KGR-3.03KVD 78,000 (Approx.)

    But to run a fridge or some other appliances then below models are recommended.

    Homage Generator 5KVA and 6KVA Price in Pakistan:

    Again a huge device that is designed for the huge equipment’s. As it has more capacity, so it consume more fuel. Further, their is no other issue in it.

    Model Price(Approx.)
    HGR-5.05KVD 84,000 Rupees
    HGR-6.05KVD 98,000 Rupees

    Contact Number:

    • Yes, it’s “021-111-746-111”.  One will also call on this number to gather any kind of info about these generators.

    Or Check:

    Note: Maybe, their new model will also be launched by this company.

    Homage Generator

    To get these generators you have to visit your nearest shops of generators. These machines can help you to get rid of electricity issues and you can live a happy life. Maybe, the Homage generator price in Pakistan 2024 will increase in this year. Hopefully, they also consider the purchase power in this matter.

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