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    Ufone Auto Reply Service 5757 is a very useful service for all postpaid and prepaid customers and this service is available on all the Ufone packages including Uth Package, Ladies Package and Kisan Package. Ufone is at number one when it comes to innovation and creativity so the recently launches service is named as Ufone Auto Reply. This is a wonderful service for every one because whenever you are busy and are not able to answer a phone call like when you are in front of your boss, In some important meeting, Driving or on some special occasion then this Ufone Auto Reply service will help you in those moments. You record your audio message to Ufone and than when a person call you during these moments than this message will be deliver to that person when you do not pick up the call.

    You can also have a choice to select different audio messages for different person here are some important details of Ufone Auto Reply Service have a look

    Ufone Auto Reply Service 5757

    Ufone Auto Reply Service 5757

    How to Subscribe the Ufone Auto Reply Services:

    For Subscription of this Ufone Auto Reply Services you do not have to do such a big thing what you just have to do is Call 5757 in just Rs 0.10 + Tax per minute so that you can stay in touch with every one even when you are too busy.

    Service Charges of Ufone Auto Reply Services:

    • For prepaid customers Rs 5 + Tax per week
    • For postpaid Customers Rs 20 + Tax per month

    How To Record Your message:

    Just call 5757 and follow the instructions to record your own voice messages.

    Ufone Auto Reply Service 5757 is very useful when you are busy because at that time you cannot pick up the phone call but now Ufone providing a service that Ufone will deliver your message to the person who try to call you and that call is not picked by you due to some reason.

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