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    After good sales response, Realme Warranty Check is essential in every county like for Pakistan or other. Because through this, the status of Realme warranty is easy to check and customer can also claim to get solution of problem. First of all, they highlight key point of policy that who and how can check status and claim it. Furthermore, only smart phones are come in the warranty circle. Probably, they add other products in this type of important after sale service. It’s a nature of the customer that he feels more secure when he has option of a solid warranty. That’s why every brand tried to make it effective.

    Realme Warranty Check Pakistan:

    A positive feature of Realme Warranty policy is that after claiming and solution of problem, the remaining warranty period will remain valid. And, even if it’s in ending dates; then three more months will add in it. Moreover, the duration of Realme warranty check Pakistan is different for phone and accessories.

    • For Smartphone: One Year
    • For all other Accessories include Battery and charger, etc: 6(Six) Months

    From the price of parts to the labor charges, everything has covered in warranty. Although they use the original branded part but they will not replace the faulty phone with new one.

    Realme Warranty Claim Pakistan:

    Major term to claim the Realme warranty in Pakistan is that its issue was created in normal usage. While, broken up of phone is not covered in it. The other facts to claim the warrant is:

    • Till the time of warranty, take care of yours invoice because it must to have with the card.
    • In case if you invoice was missed then they match the manufacturing date with the warranty card date and assumed its start after the three months of built-up.

    Realme Warranty Status Pakistan:

    To identify the Realme Warranty Status Pakistan, first make sure that yours phone was damaged due to some technical fault.

    • Duration and other aspects to review the status of warranty are very clear and elaborated there too.

    review it too

    At this moment, any of their formal stores to claim the Realme Warranty Check Pakistan is bit complex to find but many of shop from where you buy the phone has this option to forward it to the service center to solve the problem. With the increase of sale, they will make it more accessible and arrange the spots where one can directly submit and get solution of their concerns in short time.

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