Hajj Final List 2017 Successful Selected Candidates

Surely this time comes in lives of lucky man, that get opportunity to go for this purpose. All Muslim community is well aware from the fifth pillar of Islam that is Hajj. We perform this ritual by making our pilgrimage to Mecca. It is vital in their lives for all those who can afford. If you are physically fit and if you are financially capable then you should be performing this ritual duty of at least for once in your life time. This is the cause that every time only from Pakistan thousands are ready to perform this duty. But Saudi government has announced number of Haji for every country. After seeing this government has decided to call application for Hajj and then in draw successful candidates are selected in final list. During 2017 after completion of form list must be declare that has lucky names.

Every year specific number of HAJI are going that are allowed by Saudi government. It’s not any easy task for  them that they facilities UN limited strength so according to resource they provide list to every country. If one is adult then he is enough mature to perform this duty.

Rituals of Hajj in Islam:

Its compulsory for all pilgrimage to do the Tawaf. They have to go and run between the mountains of Safa and also Marwah. The pilgrims also compulsory too stand right between the wide plain of that Arafah. They also need to cast and throw stones at Satan. They sacrifice animals on a specified day.


This List Come After Draw———

During previous year government receive number of complains. Its responsibility of present government that they do well in arrangement for their hajji. In past some corruption is also notice in sending of Pilgrims. This time officials try to do well through which they can take control on all those things that cause negative things.

Hopefully this type of wrong acts will also going minimize and successful candidates are select in final list that are part of Lucky draw. Further final selected list that contain successful candidates during hajj 2017 is come after completion of application.

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As Muslim community is suffer in all over the world, we all need prayers. Because we also responsible for this condition, so pray that Almighty ALLAH take this community out from bad situation. We need to stand united like this occasion and also follow right things  in life.

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