Honda 70 Dream 2022 Price in Pakistan

A comprehensive study of the specs and also the Honda 70 Dream 2022 price in Pakistan of its very latest or new model has make sure one thing that this is one of finest bike to buy now. This company is always bring with new and latest technology motorcycle and no doubt, this is only one which is truly understood the needs of the people and involves to become heart beats of every Pakistani due to excellence in their relevant fields. Now they came up with the latest and advance technology motorcycle for their respected customers in known to be CD Dream.

  • This bike is having a lot of features and also made in different design among all other designs and available in different colors.

Honda 70 Dream 2022 Price in Pakistan:

  • The new model Honda 70 Dream 2022 price in Pakistan is 98,000 Rupees that is firmly the fair one by seeing its outclass body shape and also the performance as well.
Honda cd 70 Dream 2022 Model Price (New) 98 Thousand Rupees

No doubt in this reality that this brand lead the industries due to their best customer services. They always ensure the quality and with this they makes their network very stronger that is their basic strength. If, anyone like to has a stylish bike then for them this is better option.


  • Black, Grey and Red


  • And more advance technology OHC air cooled is part of this motorcycle that is very beneficial for its performance.

Meanwhile, the multiple wet plates has increased the life of its clutch.

  • Meanwhile its grip is better then other one because of the feature of ground clearance in it.

Having weight 82 KG that is also a plus point.

70cc bike of the honda dream

In short, Honda has wholly modified it as per the necessitates of people and as well as with the type of roads have there. Moreover, the stylish look makes it very better.  In this time majority of bike riders like to travel with some stylish look that must attract others towards them. Meanwhile, the Honda 70 Dream 2022 price in Pakistan is not much of the new model that its out of range of  a regular rider.

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