PIA Saudi Airline Hajj Flight Schedule 2016 Peshawar Lahore Timing

For the facts provided, Hajj flight schedule 2016 by government has been revealed when other all eligibility criteria are full filled by applicants. PIA and, Saudi airline are two major companies who are responsible of traveling pilgrim for this purpose.  If one is traveling from Peshawar or Lahore then its necessary to follow the operation timing. From both of their operation will start from the month of August and last will come almost after a month after. This session of flight is start and lucky person are going to perform this Holly responsibility for all who afford it private or government. After lot of controversies Pakistan International Airlines  airlines is worked under the administration of Ministry of Defense and the Chairman of PIA is Mian Nawaz Shareef which is also prime minister of Pakistan. Now again all staff come back in duty and they all are more energetic to carried this operation more successful then all last ones.

Departure time for first flight is not revealed but it completion will finalize in Sep. Mean while the first flight will be return from Jeddah in month of October and the exact scheduled to return is also not come. The Hajj of 2016 is coming and the Muslims from all world including Pakistan go to Saudi Arabia to perform it. This is special time so prepare special for it.


Soon it will Come…………………………………..

It’s the honor for PIA to serve the people in the great ocean of Hajj. Every year huge number of Pakistanis travels through this platform. Although standard of their services raise too many question but till in this country their operation assumed more successful. Hope so this time they must take improvements in their standards. Mean while Saudi Airline are well known because of their standards. They set best services from long time so its difficult to compare them with any other one.  This ocean is honor for all people and especially for Muslims to perform prayers to the humans and as well for Pakistan’s progress.

Come back to the Hajj Flight Schedule for the pilgrim of Peshawar and Lahore then during upcoming day timing of both PIA and Saudi Airline update in 2016. Complete your all preparation before leaving for it. Set your routine before going for it because at that time it must help one during the time of performing.

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