Strongest Armies in the World 2015 Top 10 List

Now security threats are for majority of countries from inside or outside from country. This is the reason that every country focused on their defense. For this Army is a major sector of defense who fight directly in field that may be on Ground or in Air or in Sea. In short they are one major part of defense. A strong army should be always been acknowledged, here you will get to know the strongest armies in the world 2015 top 10 list:

10. Japan

It has the sixth largest military spender. It has also the fifth largest air fleet. It has the fourth largest navy.

 9. Turkey

It has an expanded military industry; it has also large military population and also a tank force. Right now it is upgrading its navy.

8. France

It has an impressive numbers of ships; it has impressive numbers of planes! It is quite capable of having

  • Mirage and also Rafale Jets

It has Tiger helicopters and ALSO LeClerc main battle tanks.

  • It has 1264 aircrafts, 423 tanks.

7. South Korea

It has the sixth largest military by population. It has also the sixth largest fleet of aircraft and the eighth largest navy. Its biggest threat is North Korea that why they also focused on their army strength.

  • It has 1412 aircrafts, 2381 tanks.

 6. United Kingdom

Though it has small tank force, it has low number of aircraft, and it has also low number of military personnel, but it also comes with the world’s fifth largest navy and it has also fifth highest military budget.

  • It has 936 aircrafts, 407 tanks.

5. Pakistan

Pakistan has 7th largest military army, it has fighter jets and spend highest budget on it military spending.


4. India

It has large fleets of aircraft and it has tanks; it comes with a respectable navy.

  • This country equipped with 1905 aircrafts, 6464 tanks.

3. Russia

Yes, it has superior armor numbers. It fields a large navy; it comes at number four for number of military personnel.

  • It has 3429 aircrafts, 15,398 tanks.

2. China

It has the second largest military budget; it has also third largest fleet of aircraft. It has second largest tank force. It has world’s largest number of military personnel. China’s also allocate huge amount of budget on defense that is $145.

  • It has 2860 aircrafts, 9150 tanks.

1. United States Of America

This is a country that allocate highest budget on their army that is approximately 577 billion that also too much greater then China. When it comes to measures of manpower then U.S. is behind form both India and also China. But USA comes with superior airpower and it has also a carrier fleet which is just larger than that of any other country’s entire navy.

  • Their army is always equipped with 13892 aircrafts, 8848 tanks.

So, these are the strongest armies in the world 2015 top 10 list! One can make a better idea that how much budget has spent on Army. If one utilizes this amount for any other project like education or job creativity then its must plays a role in the progress of related country. But for this it’s important that a committee establish who responsible of borders of every country.

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