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    One knows the importance of freedom if one reviews the circumstance of nation who struggled for it, after this localities get their own rights. So this is not a easy task, because forefather sacrifices every thing include lives for native homeland. So its responsibility that one remember the day when their part come in existence. A collection of 14th August Wallpapers 2024 Photos, pictures for you people as independence day is very important for all those country working independently. Just like the celebration of entire world in Pakistan this day is passed with lot of respect and people remembers the things that they now got.

    • This country become an independent state on this date in 1947 by the hardworking and true leadership  of Quid-E -Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. It was the month when this beauty part is declared as independent state.

    Although now we are UN aware from this factor that how our fore father sacrifices to secure future of this nation, what they laid and what they have to pay for the independence. They laid thousands of their relatives life to see this nation as an independent state.

    • The main theme behind that nation is Muslims want a country where they can live their life according to the Rules of Islam. Our young generation put their silencer out of the bike and travel around the city for the full day and night.

    No, this is not the way to celebrate 14 August, Independence Day. What we should do that go to the mosque and pray for our nation in front of Allah. Hopefully, you can understand it.

    14th August

    These Wallpapers can be used to decorate your laptop screens and many other places this is the best and easy way to show your love and care towards your nation and also a peaceful way. So what you have to do is just choose among these pictures the best one you like and click on the photos to view its full size than save it. After this one can use it according to need.


    We hope that you will like our efforts about collecting different item from different sources just to save your time and if you want to share something related to this than visit comment section down there. This is time to strengthen the nation and for this unity is always important. These kind of things looks minor but they must help one for a soft image in front of whole world.

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