Cigarette Pants Pakistan 2017 with Kameez Long Kurta

This outfit is matching from last few year, again in 2017 combination of Kameez Long and Kurta with Cigarette Pants is hit in Pakistan. It is to be stated that back in the era of 70’s Cigarette pants were quite a lot in demand but now once again they are back inside the fashion market to drive the women crazy about it. If we have to define the cigarette pants in simple words then we would even call it by the name of the crop pants or capris that are tight fitted from the upper bottoms. These Cigarette pants can be worn at the time of all seasonal happenings as in summer and winter but the difference do comes at the time of the fabric stuff. But despite of any season these is all time favorite combination.

Popularity Of this Combination:

As you will be giving a look at the Kameez Long Kurta you will view that they are set with the casual designs. It is not important that you just favor such style of the dresses designs for casual wear and parties as you can even find it at the time of the wedding functions. But a little differentiation do arrives at the time of the designing and decoration of the shirts.

If we talk about the casual wear then medium length shirts with cigarette pants are embellished with the embroidery and little taste of the lace and print work. There are many designers that are coming ahead with the dresses collections that is based on medium shirts with pairing of cigarette pants.

In below some combination pictures are there! In this way by viewing with the images you will get some idea that what sort of trends and styles are being introduced in these styles of dresses designs.

Dress with Cigarette pant

Handsome Pictures Gallery:

 Does this Look Elegant for all Ages?

Well some of the women who are at the age of 40 plus they do think that matching with cigarette pants will not going to appear classy. Same is the notion with the women who are plus size in body shape. But if you don’t feel comfortable in medium length shirts then you have the alternative to add the shirts with slighest long length. So if you have still not made the choice of wearing Long Kurta or may Kameez along with cigaratte pants in 2017 then try it now and get in love with this latest trend of clothing style!

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