How to Get Rid of Lizards from Home in Urdu

Around the house as well from inside how to get rid of lizards from home and if one use these tips then one must eliminate them. Starts from easiest way with Use of Peacock’s Feather: Yes, it has been a common and also harmless way of getting rid of lizards. We have seen that lizards are just supposedly quite and rather scared of peacock feathers and they do not at all come in those houses if they have peacock feathers in them. If you really want to get rid of lizards from your sweet house, then what you should be doing is that you should put peacock’s feather just near the doors and also windows and also on the walls.

Use of Naphthalene Balls

We have seen that these Naphthalene balls have also come out to be quite for getting rid from lizards from your house. You can be making use of these naphthalene in cupboards, as well in your wardrobes.

Use of Pepper Spray

It is the best one home based pesticide spray, it comes with without any chemicals. If you want to make this spray then you have to mix water along with red pepper and also black pepper powder. Just sprinkle this mixture right on the walls, at the edges of door, fixtures near doors. It will be the smell of the spray that will be keeping all of these irritating lizards away from you.


Use of Cold Water Trap

It is a fact that Lizards just freeze when there will be any sudden or abrupt change in their body temperature. If you will splash ice cold water right on lizards then they will just get immobilized. Then you can just trap the lizard and throw it just outside your house.

Use of Garlic and Onion

We have viewed that garlic actually helps in just scaring away lizards. It will be the smell of both garlic and also onion that will be keeping your home away from these lizards. You just have to hang garlic and also onion near the doors and also windows and then you will be getting rid of these lizards.

This is how to get rid of lizards from home! Just try to follow these simple of its kind of remedies and then we are sure that your home will come out to be a lizard free home. These tips in English in Urdu typing is not possible so Sorry for that and try these instructions!

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