Major Difficulties that Pakistani Students face in UK, Australia

Many Pakistani students aspire to study abroad in world renowned universities of countries like UK and Australia. It is very difficult and complicated process to get a Visa and an admission in the desired University and if with a chance and good luck a student gets opportunity to fulfill his dreams, he does not have any idea about the problems and difficulties that he will might face while studying in such big countries without his family in a totally unfamiliar environment.

Here are the major difficulties that Pakistani students face in UK and Australia.

  • One elementary problem that is faced by most students is the selection of right institutions which means the institution which offers the desired courses of the students. If they are able for find the right institution, they will face many problems to get visa and admission in the University. The criteria requirements of the universities are too much difficult for the student to fulfill all of them at the same time.
  • After undergoing the tedious processes of Visa and admission, when a student lands on an unfamiliar land, a world of new problems open to him. He does not know where to go, to whom ask for help and etc.
  • It is good and appreciable that the residence is almost provided by the institution which saves students from many problems.
  • It is really difficult for a Pakistani student to live on his own in a foreign country. It takes a long time to cope up with the unfamiliar environment.
  • A Pakistani student at first feels uncomfortable among all the foreigner students.
  • A student must be aware of chance of frued and misguidance from those unknown people. He should not trust everyone.
  • A Pakistani student also gets home sick which will make him more miserable.
  • To meet all the needs and expenses, he must have to find a part time job and it will take a time to adjust in work place and get used to this tough routine.
  • At University, it is difficult to understand the teaching styles and accents of teachers.
  • The system of exams is very much different form that of the Pakistani examination system. It is important for those who want to study abroad, to do some home work and know the teaching methodology of their University.

All these problems will gradually be solved with the passage of time. It is not to get afraid or confused; it is just to be determined and strong because it is just the question of time.

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