Chicken Manchurian with Chinese Fried Rice Recipes in Urdu

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    It should be noted that this Chinese food does not consist of too much cheese and butter in it. Most of time it is free from cream and all of these aspects make this food a healthier one. These people enjoy best health and long lives because they stay away from too much fat. Their foods normally do not consist of cholesterol and fats. They like to have rice and also vegetables in their foods. One of the most requested dish is Chicken Manchurian with Chinese Fried Rice; a proper way to cook this recipes in Urdu is here so that you can prepare it at your home with ease. The general instruction to prepare it is also combined with it with all ingredients that used in it. If one want to cook then these tips must help one. Multiple chef works on this special, below on is cooked by Chef Zakir.

    Although they like to have brown rice instead of taking fried rice. Because they belief that fried rice has more cholesterol in it.  But according to our local taste people preferred chicken. You should be taking these ingredients freely because a little amount of red papers used in it that harmful for health. In Pakistan this is one favorite item to eat.

    Chicken Manchurian Recipe:

    recipe recipe

    Authentic Chinese Fried Rice Recipe:


    These are the recipes of chicken Manchurian with fried rice in Urdu, now you can make them at your home and enjoy the Chinese food in Pakistan.  The people who eat these kinds of foods look so much healthy, it is because of this reason that they eat good food all the time. If you think that these are less taste full then one are mistaken because one can enjoy its taste. It is observed that these ingredients calm down your sickness and help you out to deal with your respiratory issues.

    The special kind of oil used in it are really useful in many of health problems. All of these items gives you massive healing powers. One just love to have it if it cook in proper way. Its keeps your stomach filled up and after experience you should keep on eating.

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