Pakistan Navy Ranks Vs Pakistan Army Ranks Comparison Badges Salary Pay Scale 2017

Pakistan military (Army, Navy) plays an integral part in the protection of the country. This is most disciplined institute in this country, according to ranks every one is responsible to perform duties. While ranks are also defined the  hierarchy, although these are different but perform same type of duties. Here a comparison in 2017 between Pakistan Navy Ranks Vs Pakistan Army Ranks according to Badges are cover, Salary or Pay scale are also set according to them. Army is the largest branch of Pakistan defense and armed forces. This is the most powerful and organized foundation of the state and always played an important role in protecting and preserving the social status, assets, constitutional rights and in economic development of the country. Pakistan army always played a key role in combining the whole nation together, always promotes a feeling of nationhood.

With passage of time they are improving their capabilities. Its fact that they are playing vital role to save this country from internal and external threats. Especially from last few year they gives lot of sacrifices for this nation. Most importantly now they are more professionals.

Ranks and Badges Comparison” 

army army

Pakistan navy is another important instrument of military. The Pakistan navy is responsible for the custody of the territorial waters, Sea Lines of Communications and the coastline of the country. Navy forces sometimes are also used to guard the marine environment and fishers, rescue and research, assisting to civil power and for many other developmental and humanitarian projects.

Recently Pakistan navy is also appointed for the protection of sea water from pollution. It is assumed that the most vital missions of Pakistan navy are the policing function which is related to protect the national sovereignty, a fraction of military function and for the diplomatic function.

Pay Scale According to Rank

                                   Rank                    Pay Scale
Field Marshal Apex scale
General Apex scale
Lieutenant General 22
Major General 21
Brigadier 20
Colonel 19
Lieutenant Colonel 18
Major 18
Captain 17
Lieutenant 17
2nd Lieutenant 17
Subedar Major 16
Subedar 15
Naib Subedar 14
Battalion Havaldar Major 12
Battalion Qaurtermaster Havaldar 10
Company Havaldar Major 9
Havaldar 8
Naik 7
Lance Naik 6
Soldier 5

Next thing is Salary then this also varies according to ranks, while for these forces at remain same. These salaries are not available online at any official website so not possible to update without any authentic source. We will also wait for the update of related department that when they will decide to reveal it.

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