Easy Way to Learn English Grammar Tenses in Urdu

Easy Way to Learn English Grammar Tenses in Urdu is easy to understand. The set of fundamental rules and principles that govern the usage of English language is known as grammar. So the mastery over English grammar is essential to have good command on any of the four languages skills. For the speaker’s non native to English language, it is quite difficult to have command over the English grammar. If you are one of them, you do not have to worry because it always takes time and a lot of practice to gain perfection in grammar. Here are some useful tips and easy way that will help you in learning English grammar and tenses as well in Urdu. To have fluency in writing and speaking correct English, you also have to learn tenses.

  • The first step in learning English grammar is to know about the building blocks of English grammar i.e. Noun, pronoun, verb, preposition, objective, adverbs, conjunctions etc. these are also known as part of English speech. All the sentences written or spoken in English language are formed of these building blocks. You should have proper and clear concepts about the meaning and usage of this building block. Just look them up in English grammar books or surf on internet.
  • After getting familiar with the basic building blocks, you have to concentrate on the sentence structure. First listen the English speakers carefully or watch English moves to know about the sentence formation and their practical usage.
  • For the correct expression of time and space, you need to study the English tenses. Knowing the use of correct tense according to the situation, can be difficult in the first place you have to individually practice each of the 12 basic tenses one after the other in your writing. The present, past and future times are expressed in these tenses. The basic part that is expressing the change in time in “verb”.
  • So, you have to study verb deeply and thoroughly with all its forms and types. It will take time to learn the forms of verbs recurrently used in English language. Once you learn the verb forms, it will be quite easy for you to learn the tenses.
  • Having thorough knowledge of basic building blocks i.e. parts of speech, sentence structure and English tense, you have to practice them a lot to have perfection in Basic English grammar. Practice has to be both in written and spoken language. For practice, try to speak in English at every available opportunity. Instead of being hesitant, speak whatever comes in your mind without thinking of mistakes being made.
  • Gradually, practice will lessen your mistakes and leads you to perform. In the way, start writing about anything that you like and get it checked by a mentor for the correction of mistakes. Soon you will be able to write correct English without mistake.


  • You should have a person or mentor who has a good command on correct English so that he/she can correct you whenever you go wrong. It is really essential for the improvement of your speaking skills because speaking a wrong expression for a long time will imprint it in your brain and would be really hard to correct later.
  • For initial learners, it is important to shift from simple to complex. Try to learn English language course in Urdu in the beginning and then gradually move towards the longer and complicated expression. Stick to spoken English first. Don’t jump to reading and writing in the first stage.

Thus, the key to become a good English speaker is practice on thing that should be remembered in to learn it with joy, do not consider it a torture. This easy way to learn English grammar tenses in Urdu must helps one for a fluent English as well mistakes are also goes minimum after this practice. Meanwhile, learn advanced and more complicated structures of English to have gradual mastery over English language.

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