Amaan Ramadan 2013 With Aamir Liaquat Geo tv Transmission

Now the topic we discuss here geo TV show ‘AMAAN RAMAZAN that telecast in 2013. If you want to see Amaan Ramadan 2013 With DR. Aamir Liaquat on Geo Tv transmission then here on this page you can see address, contact, and registration and promo for this geo Tv program with total episodes. Famous religious scholar DR. Aamir Liaquat gives responsibility of comparing of Amaan Ramadan. All programs of this personality are popular because he is deep researcher about Islamic history. People like their work as a religious scholar. Their style on show is unique and their topic grip is so high. GEO TV telecast live Ramadan shows during Ramadan. In this Ramadan Geo TV also telecast another informative program. DR. AAMIR LIAQUAT offering duty of comparing of this show. He is also a famous religious person. He is popular not only in Pakistan as for as all over world. DR. AAMIR already comparing of Islamic shows and his style of comparing is so nice and attractive. It will accept that this time again he get success to deliver his Islamic message through Amaan Ramadan 2013

Amaan Ramadan 2013 With Aamir Liaquat Geo tv Transmission

Amaan Ramadan 2013 With Aamir Liaquat Geo tv Transmission

Amaan Ramadan 2013 With Aamir Liaquat Geo tv Transmission is given there…

If someone opens his TV he always wishes to see DR.AAMIR this show invited many religious scholars whose tells people their experience during Ramadan. Beside this some people are also inviting in this show. They are not a religious persons but their knowledge of Islam is so high. They share their knowledge and tell about his lives. From this show we observe that most of their time spends in worship of ALLAH. Do not spoil our time in bad activities and not tell a lie. During their fast we remember that our tongue is busy in Azzkar because every part of our body having fast. Our tongue is the root of every bad work. If we take care of our tongue we achieve their goal. In short Amaan Ramadan with Aamir Liaquat covers whole aspects of this Holly month.

Through this program AMMAN RAMAZAN; we increase our knowledge. We encourage our children to see this show because lack of Islamic information we don t successes. Beside this in the end of this show DR.AAMIR doing DUA. Some time he invited his show famous religious person HAZRAT BASHER FARQUE QADDRI for special DUA. In his show NAAT khuwan also invited and during show DR, AAMIR listen NAAT SHREEF. Amaan Ramadan 2013 With Aamir Liaquat is one best program that you can see in this Ramazan so never miss this program and take benefit from it.


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