How much is Fidya for Ramadan 2024 in Pakistan for not Fasting or Missed Roza

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    In the month of Roza, people are intended to inquire how much is Fidya for Ramadan 2024 in Pakistan for the reason of not fasting or simply for the case of missed roza. Basically, this is a kind of religious donation; that comes in the form and kind of money or cash. In easy words, if you fail to continue with your fasting then you can give this specified amount of money in the form of this fidya. This practice is followed in the month of Ramzan. Here an important thing to inquire is that how much is the amount of Fidya for missing Ramadan Roza during 2024 in Pakistan rupees. It depends on you that for how many days you have to retain this practice.

    This amount will act as compensation for you because you are not fasting. Keep this in mind that its only for those who missed Roza because of the very major reason. If you are fit, then you just need to full fill this holy responsibility.

    • In past, it’s declared by the former Chairman Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee; that the fixed amount of this fitrana and also Roza Fidya is (320) Three Hundred Twenty Rupees. It is this modest sum of amount and cost that has been fixed for a single individual.

    Further, the current announcement that how much is Fidya for Ramadan 2024 in Pakistan for missing Roza is very difficult to write accurately because of fluctuations in rates. So, plz calculate it with the current price of products .

    Products for Fidya Current Approx. Rate
    Chakki ka Ata (2KG) 320 Rupees
    Barley or JO (4KG) 480 Rupees
    Khajor or Dates (4KG) 2,800 Rupees
    Kismis or Raisins (4 KG)
    • 6,400 Rupees (First Quality)
    • 4,800 Rupees (Second Quality)
    Note: Also remember to feed 60 Masakeens for two time

    In past, Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman was also added that Muslims in all over Pakistan can pay this religious donation. The minimum amount is must to pay for Muslims. If you can donate more than this amount then you can do so. If you are wealthy and financially stable then you can donate as much as you can.

    Updated Fitrana Amount for 2024

    new info

    Fidya for not Fasting in Pakistan or for Missed Roza:

    Basically, this is must paid amount for missed roza Fidya or simply for not Fasting in Pakistan. But, first it necessary that not missed this very important obligation of Islam.

    In following pic, the Fidya Amount is not for 2024 Ramadan. The below letter reveal three years ago and the new amount is higher from this one that depends on these current rates of these products:

    a chart that shows amount

    • Images Source: From the Geo TV to provide exact and detailed Info regarding this Islamic Topic.

    Note: The letter is also uploading here to give the information that how this amount is calculating.

    Moreover, its detail with respect to other major things is clearly mentioned in the above chart. One must need to follow these instructions that must help to understand it in a better way. But again a thing to follow is that try your level best to full fill the responsibility of ROZA during this Ramadan. Because this comes only one time in a year, so never missed out these days.

    This is really a imp issue so it’s essential that the government will officially announce how much is Fidya for Ramadan 2024 in Pakistan to provide the most accurate info for Muslims who missed roza or easy to says that not fasting. As we try to convey this message earlier that make sure to obey this month but in some crucial situation this table is very useful.

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