MNA MPA Salary in Pakistan 2019

It is a significant fact that our national and Provincial assembly members earn huge. Although we own elected them from tax money, everyone got a huge amount of money in term of various factors. Apart from their basic salary, they are offered many of the facilities and allowances. Due to this, they are going richer; here it’s also interesting to know major of the amount of their money is a black one. Further monthly salary of MNA MPA in Pakistan during 2019 with allowances is here in detail. Although these are not exact figure amount but hope so they are close enough.

So be patient because these are heavy amounts. Now need to time is that they all full fill their responsibilities, and make plan through which this country will start travel on progressive track.

The expenses for the constitution are about One Lakh Rupees and they are given on monthly bases. Their office needs reach to the amount of about Rs One Lakh Forty Thousand. A traveling concession has also been given to them. They just have to pay Rs.8 on per km. That is they are actually been offered Rs Forty-Eight thousand for their travel allowances.

  • Monthly Salaries:

MPA Salary in Pakistan 2019:

  • The MPA Salary in Pakistan 2019 is about 120,000 Rupees

If they want to make their traveling by train then it will b free of cost. They will be given first class AC seat. If they want to go by air then they will be given business class flights. They will be allowed 40 times to go by air on a per year basis and that too free of cost.

MNA Salary in Pakistan 2019:

  • The MNA salary in Pakistan 2019 is approximately 200,000 Rupees.

Electricity Charges:

They are being given 50,000 units free. If we talk about the local phone call charges then they are given 170,000 calls free. Their total expenses on a per year basis come out to be Rs 32,000,000. Their total expenses for a 5 year time period come out to be Rs 160,000,000.


 Total Expense of 342 MNAs:

  • It comes out to be 550 crores

New Demand:

It was reported a few times back that MNAs and MPAs want to have a revision in their basic amount of income. They want more ad hoc allowances. A proposal has been given to them that their basic salary should be increased to Rs 30,000. They should be given Rs 20,000 more telephone allowance.

Their utility allowance should be increased to Rs 10,000. Yet, in newly elected government, it’s not confirmed that MNA MPA Salary in Pakistan 2019 will increase or not. Because this govt is always focussing on simplicity.

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