Cyber Crime Bill 2016 Pakistan in Urdu Law

In Pakistan this law has now been passed. To prevent and put a full stop on all of these electronic crimes, to make an instant prevention of these electronic, we were in need to pass this Cyber Crime Bill 2016 as soon as possible. As this has been passed so hopefully the concerned authorities will be able to prevent these unauthorized acts. This will for sure successfully stop this kind of terrorism. One can translate it in Urdu for better understanding further its key points are also here to know its exact info. Each and every element has its own dark side. In the same way, this internet world has too its own darker and negative side. UN till the time of its arrival this internet world should be made free from these crimes. We the people of this country were in need of this law because the number of other crimes was getting increased through electronic platforms. Now if one will do this then one will be given imprisonment and fined to.

This is a strong step has been taken by the government because an individual must be punished who spread this kind of hate message and data across the internet. Some people write hate material and stuff about some religion, at times, people take part in the child harassment; we need to stop these kinds of practices. With the introduction and implementation of this law, we hope that such kind of people will be dealt with iron and firm hands.

Key Point:

1: Open out Incorrect facts about Any one

  • Punishment: Three Years
  • Fine: 10 Lac

2: Capture or produce Inappropriate Image or Video of Anyone and then spread up.

  • Prison: Five Years
  • Fine: 50 Lac

3: Pursue or disturb a Person Via Internet

  • Punishment: 3 Years
  • Fine: 1 Million

4: Without permission distribute pictures or video of any one

  • Punishment: 3 Years
  • Fine: 10 Lac

5: A formal Address that spread Hate

  • Prison: Seven Years

6: Send the same message indiscriminately via Internet

  • Punishment: Three Months
  • Fine: 50 Lac

7: Online Fund Collection for Terrorism

  • Punishment: 7 Years

8: Use Identity if any person without his permission

  • Prison: 3 Years
  • Fine: 50 Lac

9: Hacking your personal data via emails laptop or phone

  • Punishment: 3 Years
  • Fine: 10 Lac

For the information, this has clearly has stated this fact that if any person will be involved in hate speeches and any kind of harassment materials spreading, if you will be involved in an electronic fraud or in some illegal access kind of data then you will be punished severely.


If you will be involved in some anti state sort of activities, if you will use the internet data in an illegal way then it will be considered as a punishable act according to this law. We hope that with the proper implementation of this bill, our country and its people will become safe and sound. If some more productive and valid amendments will be made in this Cyber crime bill 2016, in Pakistan it will update. It will more appropriate if one understand in Urdu. Time for the real and actual implementation of this one.

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