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    The new government of Pakistan is still struggling to fix the price of fuel items like petrol and gas. Probably, Petrol Price in Pakistan 2024 is going more high. In the month of Jan, Today per litre (liter) price of petrol in Pakistan is here. Stability in rates of petroleum is very necessary for the progress of any country. But in this part of this world the rates of these products had increased or decreased under the different governments, one can say that this is not stable at all. There are some reasons for its UN stability around the world, especially in Asia.

    • Developing nations especially China and India are the main cause of rising oil prices because they are growing progress rapidly.

    Their economies have become progressively urbanized and industrialized so that oil demands increase. Besides this, the fear of oil supply disturbance has been motivated for confusion in different oil producing countries.

    • It will suppose that govt of Pak will announce the new rates list, may they will increase it up more. But its summary is not signed by the officials.

    Petrol Price in Pakistan 2024:

    • Oh, its very difficult to afford such “144.8 Rupees” of current price of Petrol. No one knows, that when it will reduce. Even their is expectation of its more rise and probably, Petrol Price in Pakistan 2024 will become more expensive
    Maybe, Petrol price will cross the amount of  144.8 Rupees in 2024.

    One can say its bad luck of PM Imran Khan that after the establishment of his government; rates are going up in the international market. Most expected during the upcoming months it will rise more.

    Petrol Price per Litre in Pakistan Today 2024:

    On bases of per liter, 145 is the last price. A more rise is yet expect in next days because PM Khan said that petrol price in Pakistan is lower then other countries.

    rates of petroleum

    From last few months, its rates are increasing rapidly that affect the different parts of our economy. It is not only the oil prices increase but also the charges of food hikes as well. The price of shipping articles is increased because it directly affected transport. Those things which made with this product might be costly due to the hiking.

    The other fossil fuels also rise when it will go up, so this thing is very dangerous for the progressive countries. As you know the salaries do not increase with the rising of other things, so that poor people much damage and spend their lives in a difficult way. This thing also affects the person who belongs to a middle-class family, therefore the crime rate grows rapidly. For a number of solution its necessary that overall Petrol Price in Pakistan 2024 will go down. According to world circumstances, this is not difficult to do.

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