WASA Lahore Online Duplicate Bill Print Water Consumer Check

Water is basic need of life, from drinking to taking bath or washing purpose this is major thing to use. In heart of Punjab Lahore WASA is responsible to provide supply to every home. They try to become a best organization, and for this they always tries to improve their service. Now WASA is introducing a new online system for Lahore citizens, with its help all consumer can download duplicate bill. While after check they also take its print online. This system is beneficial for multiple purposes, like to check your old record. This is major step in improving the current services. Sewerage is also a part of their work along with supplying responsibility. For this they always work on draining system, this is the reason they have better control on cleaning.

 If one reviews their establishment then forty years ago this department was start working, in this period of time they do their best for this city. For every upcoming year they announce a development program, this contains all upcoming schemes. This schedule followed strictly, and at end of year audit report makes all things more clear.

 They also aim to minimize corruption, for this they also prefer best professionals. For this they also arranged trainings programs through which employed are motivated to do better work. Mean while upcoming projects was also discussed during these kind of meeting. They are not only promising, they deliver to.


They also has a proper system on collecting bill, from earnings they spend more money on non developed areas.  Till lot of gaps are available in their system, but good thing is that they work on them. And upgrading of their system is best example of this thing. Now they also collaborate with international firm, which is helpful to understand best standards. This step must help to make this city more beautiful. With them it’s also our responsibility to collaborate with them, for this avoid from wasting. Because during it usage we don’t care, at end of day we must pay its cost. Multiple time they announce alert, so must full fill own work.

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