Corruption in Pakistan Essay 2016 in English

Currently Pakistan is facing with a lot of very serious problem and in these problems corruption is the biggest one. The word corruption means obtaining personal gains, power or influence through illegitimate ways, often by using expenses. Pakistan is an Islamic state, but unfortunately Islamic democratic system is not established in this Islamic state which gradually becomes a curse on people of Pakistan. Due to this problem Pakistan is moving back from other developed countries of the world. From the International Transparency it is reported that Pakistan is at 134th position in the list of list of least corruption state. The fact is that the society of Pakistan is highly emerged into this disease. Not only the elite common but the elite messes are suffering from the corruption wave.

In any institution corruption may exist where one can use the legitimate ways of getting ahead or deceived by allowing group of people or individual to use their power with favors or money. Furthermore, everyone wishes to get success or fulfill their desires for this mostly corrupt means are used on multiple levels that’s why corruption is caused due to a number of reasons. Poverty is the major cause of corruption. So, people having low salaries use illegal ways to achieve their goal than corruption is seen there.

It may be due to lack of regulation and accountability for instance if the government is not spending money on the needy people, on the health or on their education and the government is putting money on their pockets then as a result people don’t pay their taxes as the government has lost his belief by not fulfilling the basic necessities of people and the government becomes the corrupt in the eyes of people. There are many institutes in Pakistan which are prone to corruption such as in police sector and in law enforcement sector, in legal profession and judiciary, power sector, in customs ad tax, land administration, education and health.


In order to remove the corruption from its roots, then it is necessary to cut down its causes first. There is a need to stop the ritualistic culture. Present leaders of Pakistan should take strict measures and take strict actions against the corrupt system. True Islamic system should be implemented that must be based on democracy. Inter country there must be a political stability and power politics should be removed.

Leaders must be sincere with their people. Everyone should be accountable and some radical steps should be taken by government to lessen the poverty. Both elite class and poor people must be treated with the same law there should be discrimination. Respective jobs should be given to everyone. At the end it is found that the leaders of Pakistan are responsible for this and the Pakistan Government should take radical steps to eliminate this disease from our beloved country.

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