Environmental Issues In Pakistan

Do you know that this earth is slowly and steadily getting closer to destruction? What are the main reasons behind this main atmospheric destruction? Well there is no doubt about it that there are numerous environmental issues in Pakistan. It is the fact that almost all the big cities are polluted with smoke and gas. We burn so much of the oil and gas that almost every single second our environment is trapped inside the pollution at huge height. We normally cut down the trees for making roads and buildings but at the end we human has to face the negative results that falls within the less excess of fresh air and more dirt. In this piece of article we will be mentioning some of the main causes that are responsible for creating environmental issues in Pakistan.

Environmental Issues In Pakistan

Environmental Issues In Pakistan 001


As we look upon the causes of the environmental pollution then there are huge numbers of causes adding with the over-population. As the population has been strongly increasing everyday then as a result of it the government are forced down to cut the trees and forest. We the appearance of fewer trees we have less greenery and freshness. With more roads, rail and air traffic the environmental pollution gets increased with the passage of time. When there are more people and more houses, the roads, drains, pipes and garbage heaps multiply with the result that greenery begins to disappear and underground water resources begin getting polluted.


Second most common purpose for facing the environmental issues is basically the burning the huge amount of the chemicals and emission of carbon dioxide and many other such gases that are just contributing towards with the environment with the negative results. As the chemical gets burned then normally the air that we breathe in also gets impure.


Further, the waste materials also support the environmental problems at an increased level. Tons of garbage and industrial waste are dumped underground or in rivers and seas. Because of such steps the fisheries and water mammals are also getting decreased. In addition it is also resulting in the birth of different health issues as well that can even cause in the shape of water poisoning.



Carbon Dioxide stops the sunrays from entering into the earth surface after reflection. This makes the earth hotter and gives rise to storms, floods and dryness. Further, it disturbs the Ozone layer badly above the atmospheric badly. This disturbed Ozone Layer does not stop dangerous ultra-violet rays from reaching the earth. This causes huge damage and gives rise to so much heating of the earth. If the person exposes his or her body towards the sun for longer time scale then it will be obvious that he or she will definitely faced some skin issues that are just because of the carbon dioxide negative results over the environment.


In addition, the set up of industries and factories to the areas that are closer to the city adds an extra flavor to already existing pollution. There is no doubt that cities go on expanding and reach closer to the industrial and factory based areas but out government can carry out such planning that can help the residential areas to drive back from the industrial sectors. In certain parts of our country, industries are strongly contributing towards in increasing the percentage of environmental and atmospheric pollution tremendously. Moreover, the industries should also make the less use of billboards and hoardings for their industries because this will also cause huge damage to the environment.


We need to understand the true dimensions of pollution that is perhaps one of the greatest problems of our country. No one understands the fact that this pollution and environmental troubles are giving to such health issues that are not even treated or can be cured. If we didn’t control the environmental issues then probably we are taking the life of billions of people. Well we as the responsible government have to take some immediate actions for killing this monster. One of the most imperative steps is to keep the check over the population growth. All those people that make the use of vehicles they should try to make use of less vehicles so that there would be less chances for the emission of carbon dioxide. The industrial owners should feel the responsibility that they should not throw out the garbage and ton of waste materials in the lakes and rivers because just like the humans the water mammals also have the right to live their life’s with full freedom. On the whole we hope that through this piece of article the whole nation would be conscious from their responsibility towards their environment pollution.

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