Djuice Smart Tunes Codes List

In this article we are mentioning the complete Djuice smart tunes codes list for the readers. There are many people who just love to set the smart tunes on their mobiles. So all for those people Djuice has all arrived with this offer that would allow the Djuice users to take pleasure from the smart tunes and even entertain other as well.


For getting activated with this service the user is required to send message at 230. The activation charges for the service will be Rs. 6.5 plus tax for every single song.

Djuice Smart Tunes Codes List

Djuice Smart Tunes Codes List 001


Following is the list of all the songs that have been comprise within the smart tune list by Djuice. The songs have been even offered with the codes as well.

Dil To Bachcha Hai Remix

ST 516327

Dil To Bachcha Hai

ST 5075792

Mere Ansowon Per Na Itna Hasso

ST 5075793

Nigahon Se Khechi Hai

ST 5075794

Rukh Se Zulf Jab Sarke

ST 5075795

Yar Jab Se Yar Ho Gaya

ST 5075796

Aa Desti Gulliya

ST 5075797

Dil Lagana Na

ST 5075798

Ishq Anokhari

ST 5075799

Pardha Tu Hatao Jalwa Dekhao

ST 5075800

Sehr Qareeb Hai

ST 5075801

Tere Darwaze Per Chilman Nahi

ST 5075802

Tu Elmo Bas Karde

ST 5018195

Mera Paigham Pakistan

ST 5081476

Data Ke Ghulamo Ko

ST 5081477

Data Uchi Shaan Walya

ST 5081478

De Jaam

ST 5081479


ST 5081480

Jinhan Da Data Peer

ST 5081481

Mahi Janda Hoya Le Gaya

ST 5081482

Main Kewain

ST 5081483

Mere Dil Wich Sohna Yaar Wase

ST 5081484

Nach Haidry Malanga

ST 5081485

Noor E Khuda

ST 5081486

Puwary Dahde

ST 5081487

Raba We Mera Yaar Mor De

ST 5081488

Ratoon Ko Chain Se Na Soya

ST 5081489

Sartajan Ke Taj Moin O Din

ST 5081491

Sohna Baba

ST 5081492

Tujh Sa Kahain Kis Ko

ST 5081493

Yar Da Makaan

ST 5078026

Aaja Mere Yaar Aa

ST 5078027

Aankhen Gulabi

ST 5078028

Bheega Sa Sawan

ST 5078029

Chaudhwin Ka Chand

ST 5078030

Dil Gaya Dil Gaya

ST 507803

Mere Yaar Meno Apni Karle

ST 5078032

Rang Rangeeli Rut Sawan

ST 5078033

Sun Yara

ST 5078034

Yaar Kabhi To Sun Le

ST 5078035

Allah Hoo Allah Hoo

ST 5078036

Kinna Sohna Tenu Rab Ne Banaya

ST 5078037

Mast Nazron Se

ST 5078038

Nat Khair Mangaan

ST 5078039

Saano Rog Laan Waliyan

ST 5078040

Sajna Tere Bina

ST 5078041

Tumhein Dillagi Bhool Jani

ST 5078042

Yaadan Vichre Sajan Diyan

ST 5078043

Bheegi Bheegi Raat

ST 5078044

Dil Tutne Te Kambi Khudai

ST 5078045

Kal Raat Tumhare

ST 5078046

Khat Ye Tumhara

ST 5078047

Kisi Roz Milo Hamain Sham

ST 5078048

On the whole of it we are sure that all those people who have never think about taking fun from the Djuice smart tunes they will activate it now and we are sure that you can’t stop your feet from dancing on the song lyrics. HAVE FUN…………..


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