How To Check Ownership Of Any SIM/Mobile Number

How To Check Ownership Of Any SIM/Mobile Number is a big issue these days as Pakistan is consider to be a terrorist state so you must know that the SIM or Mobile number you are using must be registered on your name. Pakistani people are much aware of the facts of getting your SIM registered on your name. This is because so that your SIM number cannot used by any activity that are against the law in Pakistan. So do check that is your SIM is registered on your name or not if it is not on your name than you can see yourself in a big trouble at any moment because according to the PTA (Pakistan Telecom Authority) it is against the law that to use a SIM without registration. So PTA has the authority to block your SIM any time if it is not registered.

How To Check Ownership Of Any SIM/Mobile Number

How To Check Ownership Of Any SIM/Mobile Number

Go to write new message option from your mobile Handset and write MNP in Message and sent it to 667 and then within a minute after message sent confirmation you will receive a back message from PTA with this format

Name:Mohsin Javaid
Primary ID: 33100-XXXXXXX-X

Note that simply a blank SMS to 667 is also considered to be your inquiry of to check owner name of the SIM so blank SMS to 667 also give you a detail SMS back with the honor name.

After checking that is your SIM is registered on your name if your SIM is not on your name than go the the nearest franchises of your company your are using. Remember you should go to the franchises with the SIM and then ask the person to register your SIM on your name if the SIM is not available to you at that time then there will be no registration.



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