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    A solid education base can help the kid throughout his life. In Lahore, divisional public school model town is itself a big name from beginning to till college time education. Whereas, DPS School Lahore fee structure 2024 is equally suitable for every class kid. This is also a school where you can see rich families and other kids together. Though an increment is adding up in their annual fees every year and as this is an oldest school so it increased a most. But, by comparing it with the other same level school, the difference will tell its suitability.

    DPS School Lahore Fee Structure 2024:

    Of the model town campus, DPS School Lahore fee structure 2024 is from KG to 12th class. By seeing the value of Olevel, they also add up in their school. We split up the fee table into primary, middle and higher sections.

    DPS School Model Town Lahore KG to Class 5 Fees 2024:

    The same fee is applying from KG to Class 5 in DPS School model town Lahore. They have also parted it into three fees type with following the class levels. These are:

    Class Fee (Appox.)
    KG 6,501 Rupees
    Class 1 to Class 5 6,545 Rupees

    From this to upper classes:

    Divisional Public School Lahore Fee Structure for Class 6 to Class 10:

    Mostly these classes have those students who were promoted from their previous classes of DPS Lahore. But, they increased fees in different portions whose are.

    Classes Fee (Appox.)
    From Class 6 to Class 8 6,710 Rupees
    Class 9 and 10 6,897 Rupees
    • After insisting of their students, they cover the college and O level studies too in such fees that might surprise you.
    Classes Fee (Appox.)
    For Class 11 and 12 7,876 Rupees
    O level 10,868 Rupees
    • Admission Schedule:

    this is for them

    Whole DPS School Lahore fee structure 2024 for every class shows their control on it. They also divide the strength in multiple sections and all are treated equal with same kind of tutoring and plans. Their basic preference is to make the kids conceptually strong that is need of the foundation.

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