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    In English easy words essay on topic of Information Technology for Students cover all aspects about present importance as well future whole aspects are cover: The scope of information technology is very vast. It encompasses all the spheres of the life of a modern man. The area of its working starts from the home and ends at commercial zone. Beyond its common us, it has also extended its sector under the earth and above the sky. Precisely, it can be said that whole of the world is under the jaws of information technology.

          Now a day the whole of world seems like a small village. A far distance can be covered within hours rather days our months. To communicate a person from Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean is not an UN defeat able task. To fly the airplane above the sky seems a child play. All of these happened just after the revolution of information technology. With the passage of every day some new technologies are being introduced in the arena of markets .This is too gets materialized with the help of information technology.


         In the Stone Age man used to calculate things via mind but at present the same work is being executed with the help of computers. Today’s era is called era of business .Currently, new discoveries are being made in the field of business, so presently to spare information technology is insuperable. So far as, other fields relating to the life are concerned, the same is case with all of them. In Education internet is serving as guiding star. In medicine information technology is playing the role of backbone. Law and order situation is getting improved with the help of information technology.

         It is commonly said that the nations that do not move with the pace of time are dragged back in wilderness. As the importance of information technology is universally recognized, so any nation which dares to avoid this very phenomenon will have to bear the loss of its negligence. Presently, in Pakistan the up gradation of information technology is need of the hour. To make our education system efficient and law and order situation peaceful some pregnant steps are highly needed on the side of the government.

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