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How to Reduce Body Fat in Urdu but Not Lose Weight

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    Its true that it is not that much possible that you lose body fat but not your weight. But if you will be building your lean body mass then you will be able to get rid your unwanted fat without losing weight of yours. You should be getting the right foods, you should be having set timing of your meals, and you should be improving your athletic performance! Now let us all have a look at the details as to how to reduce body fat but not lose weight in English:

     Try Doing Strength Training Exercises

     Make sure that you keep on doing strength training exercises. They will be helping you to build your muscles. You should be metabolically active so that you can well burn your calories. For weight gain, you should lift about 60 to 80 percent of weight lifters. This kind of strength training will be giving signals to your body to reduce body fat but not lose weight.

    Avoid Doing that Much Low Intensity Cardio

    Avoid doing too much low intensity kind of cardio exercise because it is not a kind of resistance training. You do not have to do tread milling for two hours on daily bases. You have to make your workouts like a kind of full body along with some short rest periods.

    Tips in Urdu are not Update Right Now.

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    Do not Eat too Much

    Try to eat fewer calories throughout the day. Try to have right and correct combination of protein and also carbohydrates, and healthy fats so that you can well build muscle of yours and also you can burn fat of yours. This 40/40/20 ratio will be able to just work great. This division is finalize as your 40 percent food should be coming from carbs and other 40 percent should be coming from protein, and last 20 percent has to come from fat.

    Drinking Water to Stay Hydrated

    Just try to stay hydrated by drinking maximum water, in this way, you will be able to reduce body fat but not lose weight. Try to drink fluid just four hours before you get start with the exercising, in this way, after your workout, you will be able to replace fluid of yours by getting muscle toned body.

     Maximize your Intake of Protein

     Try taking more and more protein and also healthy fats. You can have omega 3s and also you can have the intake of 6s. Avoid having sugary sodas and processed food that cause weight gain. Try to eat lean meat, drink only low fat dairy products and nuts. Try also to decrease about 0.4 to 0.7 grams protein just per pound each and every day that is helpful to reduce overall body fat. This is to how to reduce body fat but not lose weight! When one not follow a proper way then many health disease are arise, but these ways are not affected on health.

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