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    For every engineering or other, CECOS University fee structure 2024 that cover new admission in Peshawar for Bachelors(BS) and master(MS) programs. With the coming of designing work in Pakistan engineers of this country takes a better breath. Although telecom sectors provide opportunities for them; but these are not enough ones. The new government in KPK plays a major role to motivate the student to this sector. Because they work in jobs so as youngsters see the option of the job then he must be more motivated in his studies. Due to this now in universities, the number of applying candidate are more in number in the previous year.

    CECOS University Fee Structure 2024:

    For every of the bs degree, CECOS University fee structure 2024 is thoroughly stated and designed but the MS fee is yet not aligned. At time of current admission, every of the coming student is in need of these amount that are:

    Without any doubt, this is one high speed progressive uni with an excellent educational system in Peshawar Pakistan. This university will try to maintain merit in every of the selection. The admission fall has been announced for multiple programs. Again its a chance to become a professional that is more skillful.

    CECOS University BS Fee Structure:

    An mix of bachelor degrees are part of the CECOS University BS fee structure that has engineering, medical, business and few more arts group. The tables are all about them.

    For Engineering Program Per Semester Fee (Approx.) Total Degree Fee Approx. (4 Year)
    Civil 216,000/ Rupees 1,737,000 Rupees
    Electrical 111,000/ Rupees 905,000 Rupees
    Mechanical 112,000/ Rupees 906,000 Rupees

    Next is of other degrees:

    Program Name Per Semester Fee (Approx.) Total Degree Fee (Approx.)
    Pharm D 164,500/ Rupees 1,379,700 Rupees (5 Year Program)
    DPT 99,900/ Rupees 1,299,400 Rupees(5 Year)
    MLT 74,550/ Rupees 629,500 Rupees(4 Year) and following all are four year
    BSSE 99,500/ Rupees 828,600 Rupees
    BBA 89,800 Rupees 749,000 Rupees
    Biotechnology 69,000 Rupees 589,600 Rupees
    Bachelor in English 59,000 Rupees 509,000 Rupees
    In Math 48,999 Rupees 429,000
    Architecture 125,000   Rupees 1,511,500 Rupees

    CECOS University Peshawar MS Fee Structure 2024:

    Like the bs, everyone is expecting that CECOS University MS fee structure is also rightly elaborated but we missed it online. So, the number may help you.

    • Phone number to Contact: Call at (091) 5860291 and inquire in uni time.

    all of the expense there

    Yes, CECOS University also prefers international tours related to education for the bright future of students that also help to improve the quality of education as per international standards. They visited other institutions and sited in all over Pakistan related to the educational point of view which is very important for the bright future of the students. This university arranged the other festival where participates the other universities students and show their talent in the different field of education.

    These types of events not only to show their talent and also provides entertainment for the students in different sessions. Must do well in this test because CECOS University fee structure 2024 is only valuable when other selection will come final. Hope these days make your further life the best one because with studies one also gets a chance of true friendship as well.

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