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    Whenever, the private owners of helicopter or chopper are sorted out then they are few politicians and rich businessman. Even, now couple of media related individuals and property tycoons also owned it and surely they also have few other businesses too. Original or real Helicopter price in Pakistan 2024 of single engine basic helicopter is approx. 116 Crore Rupees. There are many models in them and their rates are also defined accordingly. While, the dollar rate is create a major difference in it’s worth because this can be only import in millions of dollar. In past, only govt purchase it but time is changed now and few have it personally too.

    Price of Real Helicopter in Pakistan:

    An exact price of helicopter is only quoted in Pakistan if some its sales openly in 2024. But, because of very limited purchasers, no one deal it broadly. These are approximated international prices for the idea that how much a real helicopter will cost.

    The random personal used model of Helicopter in Pakistan is of single engine but the provincial or federal govt has of double engine.  Model wise, their rumored prices are:

    Helicopter Model Approx. Price in Pakistan
    AW139 (Double Engine) 187 Crore Rupees
    AW109 (With double engine) 162 Crore Rupees
    EC130 B4(Single Engine) 124 Crore
    AS350B3 Chopper Price 116 Crore

    Note: These all helicopters are present in Pakistan and despite of the stories that who has which one we are avoiding to nominate their identity.

    • Interestingly, almost every helicopter owner is not heritagely rich. They all earn enough fortune in long time that makes them capable to buy.

    for this one too

    So, dreaming is not a bad or impossible thing at all. However, luck matter in arranging money to pay for real Helicopter price in Pakistan 2024. Again, dream big and if other purchases it after growing from ground level than anyone can also think of it.

    This country has many of rich individuals who possibly has interest in buying but its import criteria is very tough. While, in case of any technical fault there are very few companies who are able to fix problem it. Hope so, someone work on it that increase the availability too.

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