GCU Lahore FSC ICS Merit List 2020 Admission

Clearly, for the dream admission, GCU Lahore FSC ICS merit list 2020 will have those name who are the just brilliant students.  If one sort out the name that which is the best college for Intermediate students then no doubt GCU Lahore is at top of the ranking list. All the students strive and work hard to get more marks in their last exams so that they might reach the merit of this institute. Now for the intermediate admission of the new session for arts and science groups is starting, but the shortlisted students will reveal through the merit list that comes two times 1st and 2nd. We are sure that this time, its merit will be higher as compared to the previous years. This all is because of competition, student’s works harder.

One can observe that every year’s toppers score higher than last year. Due to this things are going tough to become part of this place, one should feel proud when you will be stepping into this college. An institute is always important in the grooming of a child for future studies.

GCU Lahore FSC Merit List 2020:

  • The latest GCU Lahore FSC merit list 2020 is now in the finalizing stage. Hopefully, soon the dates will confirm online.

As these are:

  • 1st:—
  • 2nd:—
  • 3rd:—

Basically, the name of this institute is the abbreviation Government College University and it’s one of the oldest educational platforms in Lahore, Pakistan. They performing their responsibility in the field of education from too many years. They are role model for all institutes that how to manage and promote education.

Initially, they served as college but later on its status is raised up. This college raised the status of a university then it’s renamed as the GC University. Now they provide education in different fields for various levels. It’s a public institute which meets the international standards.

GCU Lahore ICS Merit List 2020:

  • For the both FSC group and also GCU Lahore ICS merit list 2020 will showcase at the same time in August.

Previous Admission Schedule:

the latest admission

This place always trying to make the students excellent thought, inquisitive and built the confidence and independent thought of knowledge. They provide a lot of other facilities for the students and it has educated stuff for the students to educated and provides a comfortable environment.

Important Number to get some Info, but before calling make sure that you have some valid and related questions.

list of numbers

For the brilliant and deserving students, they offer scholarships that boost them up. In short for a best educational career this is one best option if one admits in it. For upcoming studies, mostly institute considers those students who have done their studies from this place.

Now for all those students who will do FA FSC and ICOM they must apply in GCU Lahore, if they are part of 1st or 2nd merit list then their admission is sure in 2020. It was from these classes that this platform lays its foundation and base. To be a part of this college will make your career line base. In the end, your effort paid off so work hard and make your future secure.

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