BPS 16 Salary and Allowances 2024 in Punjab Sindh KPK

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    Primarily, BPS 16 refers to gazette or commissioned officer. Few of time, it refers to those government employees who subordinates and performs their duties in Federal. Here below we have detail information how to and who can get BPS 16 scale post and earn in Pakistan. Initially, for this scale job, a test is essential that conducted under FPSC, PPSC, KPK or Sindh public service commission. Recently, NTS also organized the test for this scale posts. Furthermore, BPS 16 salary and allowances 2024 in Punjab Sindh and KPK are different.  Some persons reach too the grade of bps 16 after promotion and get paid better salaries.

    • Basic Policies:

    The federal government and the provincial stakeholders include Punjab, Sindh, and KPK has worked on some changes in their policies regarding salaries and allowances of BPS 16 employees for the year 2024 of civil servant and provincial government employees.

    The revision in the salaries and improvement in pay scale has been made through merging the ADHOC allowances of 2012 in the ongoing pay scale. Further 10 percent increments have been given to the employees too.

    Therefore, the annual increment will be added to the salary of January 2024 and will be given along with monthly salary according to basic pay scale criteria.

    BPS 16 Salary 2024 in Punjab Sindh KPK:

    Responsibilities and tasks of each job depending on the type of organization where employees are working. Various pay scales are down depending on the nature of jobs. Through this, competition among employees should be developed.

    The common salary amount paid in all of these provinces are:

    • BPS 16 Salary in Punjab 2024: (Approx.)

     Varied in between (65,000 to 120,000) Rupees.

    • BPS 16 Salary in Sindh 2024:

    Almost (70,000 to 125,000 Rupees) by Sindh government. (Approx.)

    • BPS 16 Salary in KPK 2024: (Approx.)

    Start from (68,000 to 115,000) Rupees

     Allowances Detail:

    Original figures of these amounts have not accessible.

    the salary amount

    Apart from the basic pay, other allowances include house rent, medical and conveyance allowance. Meanwhile, special additional allowance, special relief, and Adhoc relief allowance must be given to the employee.

    Furthermore, annual increment shall be given to the individual on 1st December of the year. Overall by adding these all amount, one will get a handsome amount of money. But it’s not easy at all to get this type of post. One must need a proper plan and struggle to achieve this goal. In recent few years, almost everyone noted a positive development that selection has finalized on merit. This is also a positive sign for the development of this country too.

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