Ibadat International University Islamabad Fee Structure 2024 DPT, Pharma D

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    Students who has the wish of admission are also serious about Ibadat International University Islamabad fee structure 2024. At start, only few faculties were worked under them but now several more departments are doing really well and each of their fee is deciding according to terms. Its also better to evaluate their fee criteria that you will handle it after the selection and then apply. Being private, they run all of their expenses with the students that cause a increase in it. If they will get some additional support then it’s surely transferred to the applicants too.

    Ibadat International University Islamabad Fee Structure 2024

    For only undergraduates, this university has almost 17 programs and for graduates their is something worthy too. For all, the fee structure of Ibadat International university for 2024 is in semester.

    Course/Program (BS) Semester Wise include Exam Fee and other (Approx.) Total Course Fee(4 Years)
    Civil Engineering 150,812 Rupees 1,206,500 Rupees
    Computer Science(CS) 88,812 710,500 Rupees
    Diet and Nutrition 94,037 752,3200
    Vision Science 113,575 908,600
    Medical Ultra Sound 81,187 649,500
    Accounting and Finance 77,387 619,100
    BBA 86,868 702,950
    Medical Lab Tech (MLT) 67,862 542,900
    Software Engineering 89,187 713,500
    BS( Nursing) 82,875 663,000
    Biotechnology 89,050 712,400
    • Then is LLB Total Fee: 880,600 Rupees(This is of 10 Semesters)

    Ibadat International University Islamabad DPT Fee:

    Some are finding Ibadat International University DPT fee structure that usually vary before admission every year. There are a total number of 10 semesters and every semester is different in fee because it depends on credit hours.

    Semester Fee(Tuition+Contribution+ Exam)
    1st 134,600 Rupees with admission
    2nd 109,400
    3rd 109,400
    4th 104,200
    5th 116,100
    6th 109,400
    7th 114,600
    8th 114,600
    9th 116,100
    10th 114,600

    Ibadat International University Islamabad Pharm d Fee Structure:

    An highly expert person is managing the Pharma D department in Ibadat International University Islamabad because this is major medical related line. So, those who are part of this department have served many years in this field already. Further, Pharm d fee is:

    Semester Fee(Tuition+Contribution+ Exam)
    1st 142,200 Rupees with admission
    2nd 111,500
    3rd 122,200
    4th 117,600
    5th 111,500
    6th 106,900
    7th 106,900
    8th 106,900
    9th 102,300
    10th 102,300

    an good uni too

    The current Ibadat International University Islamabad fee structure 2024 is close to last session charges for students knowledge. In addition, in the future, if they add more courses or programs definitely they will issue the first fee of them. Must note them and then plan for further studies too.

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