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The best food items for summer

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    As the sun bears down with very increasing ferocity and mercury continues to mount, so there is no escape from summer. One have to bear the cruelty of this season where every simple activity bring sweat to drop and energy levels and appetite both go for the toss. Some people may like it because of bright sunny days or it’s not soggy like monsoon but some may also dislike it because of high temperature and heat. Performing any activities makes in summer makes it unbearable. But one thing that no can deny is person get lazy and is like a couch potato in summers. When people feel sleepy & sluggish they actually fall asleep at most inappropriate time which can cause sleep cycle to effect and cause several heath problems. But there are many ways to make summer less unbearable. One way to tackle the harshness of summer is having the right food to eat, which keeps the body cool with giving a high level of energy required by a human body.  Let’s grab the best food items this summer to avoid the lethargy of summer.

    Best food items for summer

    • Meat:

    The list of healthy summer food items begins with meat. Meat can be included in dinners and lunch to fulfill your appetite but cook it by following the best recipe. Do not cook meat in so much oil which is unhealthy for health.  It is recommended use the grilled or oven baked chicken which is lighter to eat and digest.

    • Grilled food:

    Traditional summer times include grilled foods to decorate the dining tables. Cooking outdoors can keep the kitchen cool and people can enjoy the nature too. The smoky flavor adds additional taste to the dish but mostly people think that only steaks or burgers can be cooked but vegetables, fish, fruits and breads can be grilled.

    • Fruits:

    Fruits in summer season are really healthy and are rich with water content. It’s a God blessing in summer season. We have wide variety of fruits in summer. Some of them are water melon, yellow melon, mango, several types of berries like strawbsummer food items for summerin erries, blue berries, etc. this also include kiwi fruit, grapes, lichi, apricots, plums and many more. We can also make fresh fruit salads, fruits cakes, and different types of juices and shakes.

    • Green vegetables: 

    Mother Nature has its own ways to protect its inhabitants. We can use several types of vegetables like cucumber which is full of water content, bitter ground, lady finger, mint, eggplant, mushrooms, potatoes, green peas, green beans, and many more.  We can make fresh salads out of them. Mint is used for making raita which is very cooling for the human body.

    • Ice-creams: 

    Summer is the year when every want can enjoy the ice-cream in this season. One can find several stalls and places for tasty and creamy ice-cream this season. We can make ice-cream shakes out of them which are best for kids and adults too.

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