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    Winter season came in the middle of autumn and spring. It is highly regarded for chill winds, fog, and snowfall. Blessing for some and misery for others. Some enjoy it, some hate it; it all depends on where one lives. But one would lose the sight of winter if living near the equator. Winter actually came because of the tilt of earth’s axis, when moving around the Sun. When rays of the sun hit directly to earth, it causes summer and causes winter if they did not. The severity of winter varies from place to place. Antarctica is the coldest place on earth with temperature gone down till -90 degree Celsius but it is not an inhabitant.

    Russia being a habitat country faces the most severe weather than any other country in the world, with the temperature, has gone till -25 degree Celsius. Generally, the countries on the North Pole and the South Pole are the coldest ones.

    When one moves toward the equator, severity of cold starts to deplete. Till the time, one reaches the equator, one sees no winter. That’s why Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil etc. has no winter. Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, China etc have extreme winter with several feet of snowfall.

    Middle Eastern region has mild winter and South Asian region sees all four seasons equally. Naturally, animals save food for winter because there is no plantation alive in winter especially in Polar Regions. Humans have trained themselves a lot to survive in each condition but even then work is affected by the severity of the weather.

    Few diseases associated with winter season include hypothermia, snow blindness, norovirus, seasonal depression, influenza, cough, loss of appetite, dizziness, skin issues etc. There are some specific corps which are associated with winter season that includes peas, Onion, Garlic, Spinach, Broad beans, Asparagus, Chard and various others.

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    Furthermore, winter season varies from place to place. At some places, it is as severe as a threat to human life and some places, it just did not exist. From Polar Regions to equator, the winter travels from most severe to the state of absence. The beauty of winter is chill winds, fog, and snowfall alongside various dry fruits but it may also cause several diseases, on top of which is influenza.

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