Roots School System Monthly Fee Structure 2024

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    In the private sector, Roots is a much more credible and bit expensive school where the education level starts from early to high. Parents who decided to give an admission of their children into this school now are seeking Roots School System monthly fee structure 2024. In every session, they revise the admission, monthly, and another fee. For people’s knowledge now firstly read the criteria of the fee and then apply.

    Roots School System Monthly Fee Structure 2024

    From basic Play Group to till Class 7 fee of Roots school system is approx. 20,000 Rupees per month while O Level fee per month is 24,000 Rupees. These are the approximate figure gathered through some different sources.

    • Roots School Playgroup to Class 7th Fee structure is: 20 Thousand Rupees Rupees.
    • Roots School O Level per month fee structure is: 24 Thousand Rupees

    All are Approx. Charges:

    Admission + Registration Fee 55000+10000
    Security + Other School Charges 37,000+16000
    Tuition Charges Start from 19 to 20 Thousand Rupees
    At time of admission, all other fees like for card etc 4400 Rupees

    Roots School System Monthly Fee Structure for Montessori:

    The internal environment, activities, and other things are outstanding, and that’s why every parent prefers this school for his child. Some parents are unaware of the monthly fee structure of the Montessori class that’s why it’s repetitively inquired by them.

    Class Level Monthly Fee
    Montessori Almost, 20,000 Rupees

    for this school

    Roots School System Fee Structure for A Levels

    Roots College, they have started the A Level, and students who are interested are now seeking the monthly fee structure. So, the latest fee structure of Roots college for this level is:

    Class Level Monthly Fee
    A Level Approx. 24,000 Rupees

    For Contact: Please confirm current fee from “051-111-123-074” as they will guide precisely.

    At this time, Roots School System works in different big cities of Pakistan and serves different facilities among people. The education level of this school is totally different because they follow the international school syllabus. Parents are highly satisfied with the standard of this school. Moreover, the latest Roots School System monthly fee structure 2024 is the only that mostly parent want to get some relaxation in it. Maybe, school will think about it and offer some scholarship for the students who are capable for it.

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