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Cracked Heels Causes And Treatment Homemade Remedies

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    In this article we will be discussing some of the main and eminent cracked heels causes and treatment homemade remedies. There would no single women who would not complain about the cracked heel problems. This problem normally takes place on the feet at the toe side. Although, not just the women but even men as well gets trap into such horrible situations. These problems are much witnessed during the summer and even in the winter timings. For making men and women more aware about these causes and treatment we are writing this article so that all the individuals can save themselves from this terrible monster.

    Cracked Heels Causes And Treatment Homemade Remedies

    Cracked Heels Causes And Treatment Homemade Remedies 001


    • One of the biggest causes of the cracked heels is just seen in such conditions when the individuals travel on their bare feet. This condition becomes even larger when the dryness is at its peak during the winter seasonal timings.
    • Moreover, if the person has been facing the huge lack of vitamin, zinc, calcium and minerals then it is quite obvious that he or she will face the cracked heels once in their lifetime. If the person has been overweight then they put their whole weight on the feet that frustrates the inner cells of the feet and they result into the breakage.


    • Firstly, no matter whether it is summer or winter season you should always apply some lotions or creams over the feet cracked areas so that they can get absorbed in the entire day and even save the heels from the cracked troubles as well.
    • You should also make the habit of covering the feet during the winter with socks.
    • You can even make the choice of applying the paste of ripe banana over the feet toes for ten minutes. After ten minutes you will see that the feet will come across as smooth and much cleaned ones.
    • Last we have the paste of lemon juice. Lemon is filled with minerals and calcium that even positively affects the feet as well. The paste of lemon juice will make the feet cells calm and they will slow down the negative effects of cracked heels.

    On the whole of the discussion we are sure all those men and women who have still not faced the cracked heels they will surely keep them away from this danger by reading out the above mentioned causes and all the individuals will follow these remedies for removing the cracked heels.

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