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    A very easy understandable Ustad Ka Ehtram speech in Urdu is here in this text. Teacher lay the intellectual foundations of any human society. They develop the most important product of society, that is the human being. Later that human being device the principles to operate the world in each dimension of its operation. Such an important job done by teacher demands great respect. Whereas, teachers are not getting their due in most countries of the world, significantly under-developing ones. Moreover, there is another side to the story. There are only a few teachers who do justice to their status and duties and rest of the lot is a teacher just by profession.

    In the given scenario, it is important for society and teachers to accomplish their task in social development. Teachers should have been the most important part of any society, which is treated with respect and dignity when came to social interactions. Whereas, the reality is not as expected.

    Generally, becoming teacher is not the aspiration of the intelligentsia, especially when we count for school teachers because the social status of a school teacher is much inferior to any other job.

    Another problem, which adds to the exploitation of a school teacher is financial because they are paid much less than other jobs. Those conditions are equally viable for all around the world but the situation is worsening in under-developing countries, where becoming a school teacher is considered as a symbol of poor educational background and teachers are seen as the symbol of weakness and miser-ability.

    Ustad Ka Ehtram Speech in Urdu:

    The following Ustad Ka Ehtram Speech in Urdu is very easy to prepare.

    a good speech the writing

    The teacher is itself a very noble person. They are the ones who groom new generation for the betterment of society. In the current situation, teachers need to operate according to their decorum and society must give them the respect they deserve.

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