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5th 8th Class Position Holders 2018 Highest Marks

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    Quality of primary education is not same in all over Pakistan due to which inconsistency arises among the people which at the end divide them into two segments. This thing creating a bridge among the have not and have means that they carried studied on or not. So its need to take a step through which every student motivate toward studies, like prizes are awarded that must boost up students. This year Punjab government implement these tactics on 5th 8th Class students, all Position Holders 2018 who got top Position or highest marks scorer are awarded special kind of prizes, this distribution ceremony is specially organized for Toppers who get a reward of their struggle. It is nature of students that when they are too young such kind of things must boost them up.

     Now students are looking to get the result is going to give it to you soon. The thing you may familiar with, all the board in Punjab conducts the Primary middle exams under the Supervision of Punjab Examination Commission. From last few years, they use many ways through which students are appreciated, and this is one best step to boost them up.

    This year PEC is facilitating the staff with judicious comments on the circular quality and the training of teachers program by making it more beneficial and effective for students. Regional inequality is also assumed as another major cause that takes students away from studies. This year they take the step to end this remarkable difference which varies from region to region.

    5th 8th Class Position Holders 2018 Highest Marks

    • Highest Marks Toppers List Announce Soon

    Besides from the regional disparity, gender discrimination is also a cause. As a consequence, an incredible difference has been seen in projecting the primary schools for boys and girls. It is also understood that girls are more acknowledge than boys but till in many districts of Punjab a huge difference is between these genders. But currently, things are going on a right path.

    for the top ones

    Now as all the board of Punjab 5th 8th class students are come close to result in 2018 session, among all passing stud nets include boys and girls awards are given to all position holders in tablet distributional ceremony. This is the achievement for top position gainer, toppers never forget this time for the long period of time. This is also a message for all those that fail score well. If they work hard then sure they also take a part of this list.

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