New Model of Suzuki Cultus 2018 Price in Pakistan Interior Specifications Euro 2 Vxri Vxl

Because of too many imported cars, now its necessary for  old manufactured companies that they will do changes in their vehicle in order to stay in automotive industry of Pakistan. Due to this new shape will expect in 2018 model of Suzuki Cultus with advance specifications. Sure these changes will increase it price, but its launch date is not reveal now. While engines will also more efficient in Euro 2 Vxri and Vxl models, with all of them price in Pakistan is also important for all buyers. According to opinion of car experts if they include some extra advance features in it then it must cause for rising of its demand that directly make impact on its cost. With this it’s also important that also modify its exterior shape. Otherwise with minor changes its previous range remains same. On any date of December official must release it, after this one can buy it from dealers. Currently the expect changing in it is given as:

  • Launch Date as well price of new Suzuki Cultus is still not confirm for 2018 model.


Expected Interior:

  • From long time company come with same kind of dashboard. Hope so this time it will change a bit.
  • Its old model also has fault of braking, may now they will introduce modern brake in it.
  • One can never forget its steering because its need extra power to turn, so sure company will think about it.

from inner


  • All the time company swap previous light but new designs, but this time every expect a major change in its body structure.
  • Mean while with this Bumper will also alter with some new style.

best shape

Its Appearance is elegant one, that will entirely different from last one. Let wait for the review of this model.


In last model they replace it with a powerful one that has extra ordinarily pick power. So it will remain Same or Un changed in this new arrival.

Launch Date: December  of this Year



Price of last Year:

Euro 2: 

Vxri and Vxl: 

cost chart

Above specification and all the details of this car shows that this is best choice for professionals. With this car you have no need to get worried about your family and luggage because it is specially designed for the families and have more capacity than other cars. It shape is just amazing that any one can get crazy after having a look onto that. As we told you that its price is also very reasonable that anyone can afford and get a brand new car of Suzuki which is one of the famous brand of Pakistan. This year if they maintained the new model rate of Cultus 2018 then it lies among some top selling car in upcoming year. But this all will happen by improve it otherwise other vehicles get him out.

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