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Amir Liaquat Ramzan Transmission 2018 Registration Ramzan Mein BOL Show Passes on BOL TV

Posted by Xaibi Sir
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    Most expectedly, Amir Liaquat is all set to behold you with his magic because his Ramadan transmission 2018 is coming up on Bol tv channel. He is now going to make a splash for one more time. Further, Amir Liaquat Ramzan Transmission 2018 registration for the Ramzan Mein BOL Show will start soon on BOL TV. Meanwhile, yet it’s not confirmed that this time passes for the entry will issue or not. In recent few years, we saw a rigorous competition of live transmissions among different TV channels in Ramadan. Importantly, this transmission made on the same pattern. It is only the caliber of a host that makes it successful. No doubt, this man has always been in headlines, whether it is because of his tv shows, morning shows, political views etc.

    Furthermore, he is a confident television host and a politician as well. It was from 2002 till 2007 that he remained the member of National Assembly.

    But it’s also a fact that after left GEO, Amir Liaquat is inconsistent on any channel because he often switches himself from one Tv channel to another and this time he is on BOL tv channel.

    How to become part of Amir Liaquat Ramzan Mein BOL Show?

    • The registration and passes process for this transmission has not started now. We will update you, that when the pass of this live Ramzan transmission will be turned on, we will let readers know!


    • This telecast will be starting from the 1st of Ramadan 2018 and it will end till Chand Raat. It will be on-air from Sehr till Iftaar timings.

    Amir Liaquat has a great and full power-packed hosting experience. He is a professional speaker as he was linked with FM101 as a radio broadcaster. Previously, he remained with top channels for some time and then he made his headway to this channel.

    this transmission

    The pattern of this Show:

    There will be lots of surprises in this Amir Liaquat Ramzan Bol show transmission 2018. On the first day of this Holly month, you will see the first glimpse of this live transmission. He has all the time tried to inculcate positive religious views in his audience minds. It is not known that on what pattern this transmission has been conceived. But on the first day of this Ramadan month, all surprises and pattern of this Show will be revealed. Hopefully, this time, Muslims will get beneficial Islamic stuff from this program.

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